keskiviikko 25. maaliskuuta 2009


Someone please tell me why on earth there are candies that taste like jalopeno or pop corn?

And someone please tell me why on earth I bought them?

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MD kirjoitti...

They are the surprise element - you should not eat them color by color, but stuff a handfult of mixed colors into your mouth... That way your JellyBellies never taste the same than before...

Eeva kirjoitti...

I am far too organized to do such a hideous thing ;o)

Besides, I already ate all the good ones and am left with just pop corns and jalopenos... And the mix of those two just makes me shiver!

Mos and Nikou kirjoitti...

Hi there,

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Eeva kirjoitti...

Well hello Mos and Nikou (what a cute name, by the way)!

I'll be sure to take a better look at your blog later, but seemed very interesting! And I love your blog background :o)