keskiviikko 27. toukokuuta 2009

Science faction

Regular blogging service will return as of.... right now. While in Finland, I just seem to be running out of time. Or, to put it another way, I am busy enjoying everything.

I returned to Shanghai on Sunday. When the plane touched down, as always, there were already several passangers on their feet, ready to grab their bags and get out of the plane. But this time we were in waiting for a little science faction show. Namely, several governmental healht inspectors "raided" the plane, and inscpected the planeful of passangers.

They were dressed to face plague, radio active waste, extra terrestial aliens, or... a planeful of possible swine flu carriers. And armed to shoot every one of us. Thankfully only with a some sort of thermometer. They came to every passanger, asked the passangers to close their eyes and aimed to the forehead.

Some persons were questioned, but I could not hear what they asked...

I was just thankful noone showed any symptoms, otherwise I can imagine we all would have been put to a guaranteen for a week. At least. And if they put the whole planeful of passangers to guaranteen, would they all get a private guaranteen? Otherwise the swine flu would spread IN the guaranteen.

Anyway, we were let to the country, and all is well.

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