keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2009


This is such a great great week! Yesterday I flew to Finland, and got to see my family and loved ones again. Today we bought a house, which, believe it or not, I have never seen! This summer I have bought a CAR and a HOUSE without seeing them first. What the heck is the matter with me? Well, I saw the car yesterday, and it was really nice, and the house should be great. J. of course has seen the house, and I have seen a lot of pictures. It is sort of in the woods (20 minutes from the city center). But then again, anything here is, if you compare it to our Shanghai residence, in the midst of buzzling Xu Jia Hui :o) But, it has got its own pond. I'll show you, later.

And the great week just keeps getting better tomorrow, when I head to Madonna concert with a friend. Friday is reserved for recovery and rest. Hopefully it will be a sunny day. Saturday I'm really looking forward to, as we'll get together with a bunch of girls and spend the day and night at a summerhouse by a lake.
And Sunday. Sunday we will move to our new house. Amazing. I am not sure if I can sleep there, though, without the constant banging from the metro construction site. 'Cuase there is no metro constructions site. There is no metro. There might be an owl or two. Or a fox. Because the deal was made already earlier, it was just waiting for me to get here, so we can sign the papers, we get to move so soon.

So there you go, you pretty much know where to find me for the next five days. After that, you can find me sunbathing by my pond :o) Well, not really, as work starts next week, and I have about thousand friends to meet while I am here, so no time for sunbathing.

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Tämä yksi ystävä odottaa kovasti näkeväsi sut :o) Ja talon ja lammen myös aikanaan. Enjoyyyyy!!