keskiviikko 31. maaliskuuta 2010


My days in Shanghai are numbered. There is actually a countdown clock in the middle of XuJiaHui, which is telling me how many days I have left here. I was very impressed they set that up for me, but then someone told me it might actually be because of the EXPO. Hmp.
I had some guests from Finland last week, and it was nice to go see "all" the places: SWFC Tower, champagne brunch, walk Nanjing Road from end to end, the small shops of Taikang Road, my favorite restaurants, People's park with the parents advertising their kids for marriage, the Bund, the fabric market, the night clubs, even the fake market (I still haven't bought anything fake, excluding DVDs, but it was pretty close. Have to say I was tempted to get a "Peak" outdoor jacket with 10 euros). The whole Shanghai-deal.
I still have 30 days. It's better be good, while it lasts!

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