perjantai 6. helmikuuta 2009

Maden Dino

(Almost) English subtitles from a TV show I have been watching today:

- A den in the day, it's all about her.

You can propably guess it really was -> at the end of the day, it's all about her.
Curiously enough, the same line was, in another scene, subtitled:

- Remember, another day, it's all about her.

- Just because she and me now alone...
Spoken line:
-> Just because it's you and me alone now...

- I have a little Babylon, here.
->I've got a little problem here.

- I din't know nice is an exaggerate world.
-> I don't know if nice is the exact word.

- Hanke is father a legand father.
-> Hank is the father. Alleged father.

- Right a child I will love it as my own.
-> I'll raise the child and I'll love it as my own.

- All right Mars...
-> All right Marcy...

- I hope you are right
->... or hump your leg // ANd would some one please tell me how they came up with "I hope you are right"?

- Great old guy got to the coma.
-> Great! Old guys go to Tacoma.

- Tell me I will send you. // Like how could that even be a sentence?
-> Tell them who sent you.

- It is my pleasent.
-> No time like the present.

- This is the Maden dino what is shake you
-> Well if it isn't the madre of my bambino. What's shaken sweet duck?

These are just random picks, from one episode, so it was no effort to gather these, really. And there were plenty more.

This kind of humour just remarkably amplifies the viewing pleasure of ANY programme :o)

I wonder what they pay for the translators around here...

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雨中圆舞曲 kirjoitti...

So it seems that they really need good translators, and I must study hard to be one~~:)

Eeva kirjoitti...

I hope you do! Let me know when we can see the efforts on DVD!