maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2009

My favourite time of the year!

No, I certainly don't mean the dark, grey, rainy season North Europe and Finland is going through at this time of the year. We, on the other hand, have mostly had nice +20-+25 degrees, except last Monday, when the temperatures suddenly dropped to +4. I almost froze to death! Really, ask my colleagues if you don't believe me. I could hardly function for two days.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is this: Christmas is JUST around the corner, because they have already set up the decorations. So it is almost Christmas! Has to be!

And that is my favorite time of the year. House full of guests, delicious foods and treats, candles, fire in the fire places, and, I dare to hope, snow!

I am going home for Christmas. This is how home looked like when I was there last time: beautiful, crispy autumn days.

Maybe it is autumn that is my favorite time of the year?

This view just makes me feel happy... And peaceful. That's just the way it is.
But autumn is gone, and Christmas is coming, so back to loving Christmas!

Oh and these guys! They make wanna run to Finland right now. But that's ok, 'cause Christmas is just around the corner.

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