lauantai 7. marraskuuta 2009


The other night I was coming back from the super-market when I saw a cat. Or a kitten, really. It was small enough to sit on a palm of a grown man. And it was meowing ruefully. Truly a kitten in despair.

The kitten was sitting in a small area of bushes and flowers between a mall and two big road. I had no idea how it had gotten there.

Some people stopped, and tried to give her (no, I really don't know, but I decided it was a girl) some food. Someone even tried to catch her, but she dove to the bushes and avoided such attempts. And then slowly came back, meowing oh so sadly.

I am not a cat person, by any means, but I am an animal person. I had to help the poor animal. I coud hear J. or my mom saying "do not touch that animal" or "you don't know which deceases it carries". Luckily, neither of them was really there, so I was free to help the little girl. But I needed an action plan. I went back to home, grapped gloves, some cat food*, and a bag where I figured I could put the cat into, and then carry her to our yard, where other cats might help her. I wasn't sure about that part: I have no experience of how cats welcome a stranger-kitten to their pack.

* No, you may wonder why I have cat food, since I don't have a cat? Well, there are several cats living in our yard. Many people feed them. I am not a frequent feeder, but on my way to the gym I check their status every now and then, and if there is a need, I bring them food. Or if they have kittens. So, I may not always have leftovers passable to cats, so I need cat food.

So, I had my equipment, and I returned to the cat. It was still there. There was actually a pile of cat food there, but she didn't even touch it. Well, I had brough some Whiskas with me, and I started tossing, very gently, piece by piece, the kitten with the food. And she started eating. Small piece by small piece. Slowly. And I tossed her a new grain. So we went for maybe 10 grains, and then she was content. She run to drink some water (water from where, I wonder, it hadn't rained in few days) from the ground. And she was like a new person alltogether. No more rueful meows, no more hunching in the smallest of the smallest crouches. Tail up and ready for anything that might come.

She pondered for a moment what to do with her life. And run of. And I never saw her again.

She run on this pole and disappeared into the horizon.

Be well, my friend. Be well.

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