maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2009

Lucky me!

Chinese government promotes honest, all in books and ledgers, business culture by a lottery. The lottery ticket is actually your restaurant invoice. The purpose is, that the customers would ask for official invoice, get an opportunity to win 500,000 RMB (which is a little less than 50,000 euros) and restaurant will have to include the sales transaction to their reported revenues. Not a bad idea.

So, because I am an auditor and want to do my bit to prevent grey-business, I usually ask for an invoice. And guess how many times I have won in the last 18 months I have spend in China? Let's say I have had about thousand meals in restaurants.

Once. Very recently. And what a win it was!!! 5 RMB. Or 50 euro cents.

I haven't even claimed it yet, because I cannot make up my mind what to do with that sudden wealth. Maybe a Snickers bar and a 0.5 l mineral water. Or two sets of new hair pins from the subway tunnel. Or should I wait for the next win and then get something big with it? Maybe a tin of coke or a blueberry muffin? Yes, I think that is what I will do.

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