maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2009

Too much to ask for

Sometime ago I was in a small car accident when I was travelling in business. Recently I have been working 11-12 hours a day. Couple of days ago I had to go to a coal warehouse, so I came out covered with black dust, and I felt like my lungs were full of coal, too. (Yes, so I am a sissy, I know that already.) I had not dressed for the ocasion, so I was wearing high heels, skirt, and light colored blouse. I haven't even had the energy to blog. All because of all kinds of work things that are going on. Such is life.
But too much is too much. I needed to go to a harbour area to check some receiving procedures. And they have very detailed safety instructions.
In order to fulfill the consideration and adoption of your surely busy schedules I have highlighted some... well, highlights of the instructions.

In order to fulfill the consideration and adoption of Amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 and International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities, to reinforce the safeguard of harbour, we constitute the regulations according to the relational national laws and regulations as follows: (try to say that with one breath!)
1) Personnel, vehicle and good etc. should show valid certification, be checked and registered by the security petsonnel when they go in and out.
2) After personnel, vehicle have gone into the dock area, they should pass through and stop according to the traffic signs.
3) Within the dock area, Firework is banned. Without permission no photo or film.
4) No entery to the restricted areas without permission. After you've entered the restricted areas such as the petroleum and chemical industry, etc, you can never use mobile telecommunication tools, carry kinelings such as matches, cigarette-lighter etc. Automotive vehicle must bring extinguisher.
5) When the safety incidents occur in the dock areas, you should report to the security personnel and harbour administration department as well immediately.
So I guess I am banned from my cell phone from now to eternity? On the otherhand, it is much harder for anyone to bother me now with questions and problems...

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