torstai 1. lokakuuta 2009

Educational cartoon

Some days ago I went to pick up J. from the airport in Shanghai. I had time, and there was nothing interesting in sight. But then I noted they had an informative cartoon rolling in the telly. To prevent the spreading of H1N1-virus, or swine flu.

I want to share with you the most important bits and best practices I learned from the video. I apologize for the lack of music, but hopefully you can imagine a childish rap beat to the background. Because that's what the original had.


"The swine influenza comes from America."

Oh, in deed: "What a shame!"

"But it is not only my fault!" Says the pig. No, we have also the duck and the man to blame. H1N1 is mixed, you know.

"It "is very stressful to live in this situation", but still "remain calm".
"It is very important to have "balance of body and mind... no illness"

"Pay attention to you diet at home"
"The meal must certainly be boiled"

"If you have no business strolling outside..."
"...don't be around groups"

It is: "Dangerous"

"No stress, no bother", no swine flu. Also "take care of air circulation, you won't catch the cold."

I really want to do my part to prevent the spreading of swine flu. So, once more to make sure you remember the most important thing:

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Tarja kirjoitti...

Oh yes, the film was hilarious =)