perjantai 30. lokakuuta 2009

Sure you can!

What's worse than waking up to find your money is gone? It could be finding out that the sexy lady you hooked up with last night is a "ladyboy."

Five Filipino transvestites accused of drugging foreign men in bars with the promise of sex went on trial in Shanghai's No. 1 Intermediate People's Court on Tuesday, accused of assault and robbery, the Oriental Morning Post reported Wednesday.

The five "she-males," aged between 26 and 30, used their curvy figures and feminine voices to flirt with male expatriates at cocktail lounges on Tongren Lu.

The girlie-men lured their victims to hotels, coaxed them to eat chocolates that had been secretly laced with powdered sleeping pills, and robbed them after the men fell asleep. The alleged theft of cell phones, credit cards and personal belongings netted the transvestites 310,000 yuan ($49,780) worth of stolen loot, the report said.

They said they came to Shanghai from Japan in February 2008 after the financial crisis put the sex trade on hold. After months of joblessness in the city, the she-male said he used his "good-looks" to become a street hooker on Tongren Road.

The bar owners told the Global Times that they couldn't do much to prevent their customers from being seduced by attractive cross-dressers. "Our door is open to everyone. We cannot say who can get in and who cannot," said manager Xie, at Malone's, a favorite expat hangout on the bar street.

Sure you can! Just take example of another expat-favored bar in Shanghai, Zapatas.

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