perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2009

Almost Thursday link

Ok, it is Friday, not Thursday, so I AM LATE, but here is a link of the week. All I can say, is "only in America".

And from my own behalf, for being late and all, all I can say is I've been on a vacation. Just in Shanghai, doing nothing, so do you think I've had time to look up interesting links just for you? How awfully selfish of you.
During the past couple of days I have read 1000+ pages of contemporary swedish literature, by Stieg Larsson. Strangely addictive! He only wrote three books before his death, and unfortunately I only have one more to go. For that, I have to wait a bit: untill someone kindly brings it to me from Finland. One big (I mean MAJOR) downside in Shanghai is the lack of books and bookstores. Now, I don't mean to be selfish, 'cause there is plentiful of Chinese books. But not in English. The rumour has it that importing books to China is not the easiest there is, if you can believe it...

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雨中圆舞曲 kirjoitti...

Yeah, the lack of original books is a big big problem~~

Eeva kirjoitti...

It is! I was ecstatic in Singapore Kinokuniya :o) (sorry, this post in Finnish)