keskiviikko 14. tammikuuta 2009

Linkki vinkki

China is considering making internet addiction an official disorder, like alcoholism or drug addiction. According to this article they consider that if a person spends more than six hours online daily, they fulfil the symptoms. That would propably qualify most office workers around here... Unluckily, in here you can only get three days of paid sickleave a year, so no point in applying for a bit of an extra vacation using this new disorder. (This three days doesn't apply to us (expats), which is good because I just used two days, the two first working days of 2009, when I had the food poisoning.)

Oh, how I wish I lived in Jingan! It sounds like an amazing place... Luckily it is only few miles from where we live, and they have some malls near by, so at least I can go and enjoy the atmosphere.
We are propably staying put for the second year of the assignment, but there is a small temptation to move. Especially now, when the winter has set over Shanghai, and we don't have double-windows or warm floors (they are quite cold, actually). And there is no air-con in the kitchen, so that is sort of coldish too. The other day a man was shouting in the reception of our building: "I have slept two nights now fully dressed and I have been freezing! I will not stay in that room for another night! There is nothing to laugh about!" (I guess the Chinese reception clerk was smiling, as Chinese often do when they feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Which can be really annoying, even if you know that they are not really laughing at you.) If you would stand on a table in our apartment the temperature your head level is propably about 30 degrees (celcius) and at your feet level at about 19... But we like the location. I think we like it too much to move.

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