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In China it is quite common for people working for international companies to pick an "english name". It is (supposedly) easier for the non-Chinese to remember "Ann" than Wang Zhi Chuo. (I didn't want to use anyones name I know, so that is a propably not a real name.)

But the thing is, that e-mail addresses are often only in the form of the Chinese-name. So, all of us need to remember both the English name, which is used in conversing, documents etc., and the Chinese name. And, to top that of, you never know if the e-mail address can be found starting with Wang, or with Zhi, or with Chuo, or with Ann, if we use the example above. OK, so this is a little additional work, but I guess it is a good practice to activate your memory cells. They say, long term, that helps to keep sharp. (Then again I presume you (and by "you", I mean "I") should be sharp to begin with, to "keep" sharp...)

But why I really started to write this post is the humour these "English names" bring to my life. The thing is, that in Finland we are rather concervative with the names choices. You cannot even give just any name to your kids. It actually should be a name.

In China, the name should traditionally associate with good things. Money, beauty, something nice. Like my Chinese name is something about memory of orchids and a character that refers to "girlie" things, and sounds somewhat like my western name. My colleagues wife suggested it. (I had no idea how to pick a Chinese name, considering I did not know much Chinese.)

Apple, Joy, Venus and Jenny are very popular among the Chinese ladies I've met and can be recognised to be names. But then, many Chinese decide to go creative when they decide their "english name". Or, do you, in the western world know many by the name "Tomato"? "Chocolate"? Or perhaps "Junion"? How about "HiSense"? Think of all the possibilities! Darn, why don't we get to pick an English name. I would follow the path of HiSense and immediately become Nonsense :o)

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Chinese Cain's adventure in UK kirjoitti...

just try to get used to those chinese names,cos to us,i mean chinese native ppl,we find it difficult to remember the english names as well. there was even an ebrassed thing happened to me when i just started my studying in UK about english names.
why dont u pick a chinese name for urself? just make it related to ur hobbies, best-liking things etc..

Eeva kirjoitti...

Hi Cain,

I often exaggerate my (negative) feelings in my writings, and in this case too :o) But I do find some of the chosen names quite funny. That's ok too, it's just me.

I do have a chinese name: 妮忆兰 

雨中圆舞曲 kirjoitti...

wow 妮忆兰is such a nice name~!!

Eeva kirjoitti...

Thanks :o) I like it too!

All the credit of that to my colleague and his wife.