keskiviikko 17. kesäkuuta 2009

Flower Market

One of the small things one can enjoy when living in Shanghai are flowers. Okei, so you cannot get them from the nature or enjoy them in the nature, but what you can do, is to enjoy them in your living room, bedroom, bathroom and guest room. That is, if you go and get them from the flower market.

And you should, because it makes you smile everytime you come home and the gorgeous orchids welcome you.

And when, despite the best possible care you gave to these beauties, they at some point die, you just morn the flowers, but you don't have to morn for your financial status, as three branches (like above) are less than 90 CNY (10 euros, so 3,3 euros per orchid). I don't remember buying orchids in other parts of the world, but I do know in Finland you easily end up paying ten times what in here, if you buy one orchid with the pot. Flowerpot, that is.

And this jasmin arrangement... I love the jasmin scent. Including the glass jar, this was 20 CNY, or about 2 euros. Perhaps you could figth it even for 15 or 18 CNYs, but for couple of renminbis, I don't bother.

And these lillies. The picture doesn't do them justice. But they are majestetic. And yet so delicate.

Note to self: if you want to promote something, take better photos!

2nd note to self: Next time, remember to get these

Flower Market:

Hong Jing Lu, Hongqiao

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