maanantai 15. kesäkuuta 2009

Wedding pics

Any given weekend day, Shanghai is a city full of brides. Any Saturday or Sunday if you decided to go to a park, chances are you will be seeing anything between 5 and 20 "just married" couples taking their wedding pictures. You can just walk Hengshan Road, which, really, is busy, noisy, dusty road and mostly under construction (they are tidying up places for Expo 2010), and you are bound to see at least three couples taking wedding photos.

On Sunday, we went to have a picnic with a couple of friends to Changshu Mountain Park. It was such a warm day, that we were suffocated and swetty after ten minutes walk to get to the picnic area. It's a nice park, although a bit far away from Shanghai.

Most of the time we had people coming very (very!) close to check us and our menu out. This is a rare moment when there are only three people looking at us and from a distance of at least 5 meters.
You see, we wanted to crush the stereotypes all the "laoweis" (foreigners) are elitistic, spoiled and completely lost their moral by bringing a small hairless dog with us and drinking a bottle (ok, ok, two bottles) of the bubbly drink in the middle of beautiful Sunday afternoon together with lamb sandwiches, two kind of salads, meatballs, tomato pie, fruits and chocolate cookies and strawberry cake.
So, as always, there were a lot of brides around:

But look! Look! What is that... what is that girl wearing under her wedding gown?

Oh yes, my friend: it is a pair of jeans she's wearing. And what's worse, she was not the only one!

A friend of mine is getting married next autumn, I better make sure she's aware of this new trend...

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