tiistai 23. kesäkuuta 2009

Where is the soul of Seoul?

I have been in Seoul since Saturday. It is... you know, it's a city. It is more clean, more green, more advanced and more orderly than Shanghai. There is less noise, less running around and less trash.
Taxis are big, black and fancy compared to Shanghai, and they have got working seatbelts. And, oh yes! There are no honking car horns.
The people seem more confident about themselves and their lives in this country. More open and smiling.
What do you mean? Why couldn't I know all this just based on couple of days in Seoul? Sure I can. I am just that good.
But for some reason I have not found the soul of Seoul. I don't know what this city is about.
There's the little stream where Seouliers go to... I don't know why they go there. It is a nice little creek, but it is surronded by concrete walls.
Then there is the garden of the Royal Palace. Oh, it felt like a haven on a hot Sunday afternoon.
And the NamSan, aka Nam-mountain. Mountain may be a slight exaggeration, but it is a green and lush and walking up and down you can exercise your poor calves so you can hardly walk the following day. In deed you can...
Oh, and some of the big malls are open until morning, some are open 24 hours a day. You hear that, all of you in U.K. or Australia? That's the way it should be, not close the doors at 6 pm, so that an innocent business traveller doesn't even stand a chance getting there. Yesterday I was working, today I was blogging, but tomorrow I'll go shopping!
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