sunnuntai 3. elokuuta 2008

New place, old stories...

Decided to change the venue, after I got frustrated with the lacking features of the previous blog. E.g. I could not input Java-script, can you imagine that :o) Who would want to have a blog without Java-widgets? Or tags? Certainly not me.Anyway, I think I mentioned earlier that during the spring I could not access Blogger-blogs here in China without secured internet connection (in January they worked, but in May and June not). Well, dunno if it is the big O and the famed "open communication policy" that helped with this, but seems that Bloggers work just fine now. So here we are then, gradually moving to this spot. So far I like the place and the neighborhood, but we'll see how we'll get along in the long run ;o)
Due to some other things that take my time, say WORK, running, keeping company to my accompanying family, it might take some time before I get all the old things settled here, get the right colors and pictures and so on. Bear with me!

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