lauantai 22. marraskuuta 2008

Allium Sativum

Allium Sativum. Sounds like a spell in Harry Potter, don't you think? Well, it equals garlic. Kynsilaukka. Valkosipuli. Valkolaukka. Heaven.

I love garlic. I think I always have, 'cause I remember a delicacy from the time I was just a little girl: toasted dark bread (jälkiuunileipää), fresh and uncooked garlic and tomato. The taste of pure garlic... mmm.

Anyway, out of coutesy to my comrades (also called collagues, but comrades seems firring here, where communism is still rocks. No it doesn't actually, but that's the officual truth anyway) and the poor garlic-smell hater I live with, I try to keep it down, on most parts. But as the mentioned person I share my life with, is currently enjoying part-sabbath, he's become more relax with the use of garlic. A change I have excepted with utter contempt, but without trying to make a big deal out of it.

I really think my drug of choice is garlic. Once I start using, it is very, very difficult to be without. And the daily dose just grows. I think if I had to choose whether to never ever have a glass of red wine again, or garlic again, the wine would be left for others to enjoy.

Like a proper junkie, once I get going, I don't see no reason to cut down on my garlic-usage. Quite the opposite. This week has been a particularly bad. Or good, which ever way you see it. Reason being, that my darling has been several thousand miles away. I've made pasta with tomato and garlic, "the best garlic bread ever" (by Jamie Oliver) (and carefully picked all the lovely roasted garlic pieces that didn't stick on the bread), tomato soup (of course with garlic), tzaziki with extra garlic and I have't had my heart's content. I am trying hard to figure out how I could have MORE garlic tomorrow. More that sweet, sweet taste that tingles on my tong...

Sorry, got to go now. Mission Impossible III is starting on HBO. It's not like I was planning to watch it, or anything, but Tom Cruise just told how great it was to shoot in Shanghai, and how gorgeous the city looked at night. (Didn't tell to me personally, of course but I happened to cath a glimpse of "Making Mission Impossible II & III"). Anyway, I have got to see how great Shanghai was at night with my own eyes. You should, too, cause I get to see the real thing, too, anytime I choose to :o)

PS. The chinese Cruise is trying on the airport check-in counter does not sound one bit like the real deal... Just so you know, next time you're watching.

PPS. Of course the gddammit HBO went to pixels just when they got to the Shanghai night scenes. It does that on a regular basis, dunno why. But were the Bund and Pudong mighty beautiful and glorious, or where they ever! Some of the bits I saw didn't look like anything I've seen here, but hey, it's a movie... And "Better city, better life" sign pretty much prooves they actually were in Shanghai.

Ain't it gorgeous?

PPPS. In the day scene the chinese have been dressed like Mr. M would still be in power... How dum and stereotypic.

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