maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2008

If I had lived in the...

I spent the weekend alone since the joy of my nights happened to be in Finland, and friends were away from town, too. Well, alone, weekend, rain... -> INTERNET! Oh, internet, how would I do without you? (Truth to be told, I also went to gym, twice, went to the fabric market, had a chinese lesson, and manicure and pedicure and did some window shopping and grocery shopping, too. And a lot of garllic-fumed cooking. And went to see a doctor. And read a book. And watched TV. Anyway, point was I wasn't clued to the laptop all weekend.)

I happened upon a site called "Yearbook yourself". What you do, is that you download a photo of yourself and start placing it in to someone elses hair and upper torso. Styles available from 1950's to 2000's, for boys and for girls. I think it was made for people like me, who'd never, not in a million years have the nerve to e.g. blonde my hair... (It would fall of after bleaching, I know, so I actually have a perfectly acceptable reason not to try it.) Soooo, you haven't seen many photos of me on this site, and I promise this will be an exception, but below some what might have been-shots of me.


If I had lived in the 1950's... (Although I don't know where half of my chin disappeared, 50's or not?) It actually slightly reminds me of my dear, dear grandma. And the expression is fitting, I think, as people seemed to be quite serious in the 50's portraits. I think.


And almost twenty year's later, Eeva a'la 1968. I kinda like the style, but in the picture my head is too bif for the hair. Which is funny, 'cause my head is actually too small. For anything.


Yup, 1972 rocks. I wonder how you keep the thing fluffy like that all-day long?


Eighties, oh eighties. I believe further comments are not needed...

And last but not the least...

This is supposed to be 2000... Don't know about that, but I think I sort of look like the deceased Armi Aavikko (Not trying to claim I looked like the admired Miss Finland from 70's, but that's what the photo brought in mind. Must be the hair.)

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