lauantai 15. marraskuuta 2008


You have got to check out this blog: I Spy Shanghai. It is seriously funny, with some pretty good capture-shots of Shanghai. And, right now, Ispyshanghai offers you a small portion of excellent chinglish. Would you like to try an absolutely delicious "Dyadic Bittern of a Tide Goose Movie"?

In the above mentioned posting (and comments) few opinions of the new 007 ([ling-ling-tsi], på kinska) flick. We went to see that too a week ago. Seems other people share my view: it is not a bad movie, in its genre, but it just wasn't "Bondy" at all. It was like watching any other action movie. The new Bond himself is not Bondy, I you ask me, so what can you expect then... Violence was not on short supply, that's for sure. Some non-Bond-friends seem to like the new Bond (Daniel Craig), but I would prefer something of a Sean Connery-Pierce Brosnan-hybrid.
In our movie theater the Bond was on about 30 times a day (actually more, it was on in about 7 screens, and all day through) and the only other english speaking movie shown at the moment was "To the center of the Earth", with "George of the Jungle" in it :o) Well, I wanted to see the Bond at some point anyway, so it didn't bother in that sense, but just to demonstrate the huge selection available.
There is also something else I need to grumble about: they only sell sweet popcorn! I had decided to get a huge bucket of popcorn already hours before, but sweet popcorn! No way. Out of the question. Next time I'll bring my own. It is, of course, not allowed, but since for example the couple sitting next to us brough with them two full bags of Kentucky Fried Chicken's offerings, and munched well over the first hald-an-hour, I will make big noise if I cannot bring my own popcorn.
I haven't figured out why James Bond got to come to China only one week after international premier, but Batman had to wait months... I guess this just shows James is a though guy, and would beat Badman if they ever had to figth... Of course they don't, since they are both goodies, and fight against the baddies, not each other. But good to know whom to turn should a need arise.


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