sunnuntai 2. marraskuuta 2008

Happy life in Shanghai

As earlier mentioned, our first visitors were planned to arrive on Sunday. The thing is, one of them suffers from acrophobia. Well, related to that, she also fears flying (which kind of makes sense). They had a connection in London, where she had decided that she will go back to Helsinki. She just cannot fly to Shanghai! Nevermind that I have managed to find a hotelroom on Saturday evening and all ;o)

Well, they arrived as planned, and I went to the airport to pick them up. (I think that was about 10th time with las two weeks I visited an airport. At least.) Well, at that point everything was already fine and noone was going to return to Europe without checking out what Paris of the East has to offer.
We had a full days work trying to keep them awake, otherwise they wouldn't stand a chance getting used to the time difference. I felt a bit like a nanny trying to keep both of these 50-somethings in sight in Shanghai's busy Sunday streets and shopping malls. I was so exhausted I didn't even wake up when the alarm went off on Monday morning. This far they have, among other things, managed to get lost (couple of times), lost some of their belongings (couple of times), drank tap water, which has some heavy metal particles in it (only once) and enjoyed Shanghai's abundand foodstalls' offerings, ordered a suitcaseful of tailormade garments and got entranced about traditional chinese massage (going to go everyday, apparently).
Lots of more to come, like pearl market, river cruise, the new 400-something meters high Shanghai World Finance Tower (maybe not for the acrophobic), tea market, chinese acrobats and so worth. Let's see how well do at the end of the week...

I criticised our flight to Singapore some days ago. Well, on the way back I actually found some humor about flying with a chinese airline.

Our flight from Singapore to Shanghai left at 00:55 last Friday, so it was actually on Saturday. To me, that is night, but chinese crew wished us "Good Morning" as we prepared to take of. After we were airborn, they happily announced that they will start serving breakfast after ten minutes. I decided to decline the honor, and managed to sleep almost the whole way through.

Once we were back in Shanghai, the purser of course firstly stated it is very important that everybody will stay seated untill the seatbelt sign is switched of. Well, this is a standard procedure, although this time it came with a bit more emphasis than usually, and I don't wonder why. But after that, they wished all the passangers happy life in Shanghai! What more is there to be said? That's what I hope too :o)

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